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The recent uprisings against white supremacy and the inequities exposed by the COVID pandemic have underscored the need for bold prevention strategies, services, policy and practice models that interrupt cycles of deprivations of humanity through sustainable micro, meso and macro level change. These recent racial and health catastrophes have not only reinvigorated the need to again underscore the style of primary prevention articulated in the parable of ”heading upstream” but it amplifies what we must restore forward by making bold moves beyond voice and language, beyond protest and beyond voting into office new leaders  in a cyclical phenomenon that only reproduces dehumanization, dominance, exploitation, degradation, and the undermining of interconnection and community.  

This  workshop will share strategies by Black Women’s Blueprint where Black feminists have devised new praxis and evolved pedagogies of prevention at the intersection of radical models of restorative justice, truth and reconciliation and full criminal justice system abolition.  The workshop invites us into work grounded in spirit. Building on the CDC adopted socio ecological model, the workshop will detail how we can use actual physical spaces inside our communities for liberation and application of eco psychologies to prevent racist and misogynist violence. It will detail how we can fashion interventions responsive to the profound effects of injustice, violence and exploitation on  our psychological, communal and ecological well being. The workshop will detail how a commitment to co-creating vibrant communities while surfacing indigenous understandings of human connection with the natural world can save us all. 


Nothing For Us Without Us Slides (PDF)