Presented by Dr. Kenann McKenzie, Generous Listening and Dialogue Center at Tisch College, and Halli Faulkner, JD, MAEd, Porchlight Wellness
Direct Service | Servicios directos

Summary: It’s imperative that direct-service organizations are safe and welcoming for all survivors, particularly women of color. In this workshop, you will learn how to equitably provide services for a diverse and intersectional community of sexual assault survivors and take care of yourself while doing so.

Resumen: Es fundamental que las organizaciones de servicios directos sean seguras y abiertas para todos los sobrevivientes, particularmente las mujeres de color. En este taller, aprenderá a brindar servicios equitativamente a una comunidad diversa y transversal de sobrevivientes de abuso sexual, y a cuidar de usted mismo mientras lo hace.