The nation is in the midst of a housing crisis. Barriers to housing are even more prevalent for those in our communities who continue to face legacies of systemic oppression and violence. What’s more, there is a demonstrated connection between housing and sexual violence. Yet despite this, many violence prevention programs neglect to include housing justice in their prevention programming considerations.

Now more than ever, sexual violence prevention advocates must take an active stance in addressing the housing crisis and the disparate impact it has on marginalized communities. As a movement, we need to look beyond emergency sheltering and focus on upstream solutions that bolster shared protective factors for both sexual violence and interpersonal violence. This session will explore the connection between housing and sexual violence and examine examples of evidence-based policies and practices for housing justice. The session will also walk through one community’s efforts to modify local housing policy and the role of local anti-violence organizations in those efforts.


Gabby Boyle

Area of Focus