This session will be presented in Spanish. English translation will be made available.

Recognizing our identity as a source of empowerment and resiliency, we find our power through reclaiming our stories by learning, sharing, and honoring our distinct histories as BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) people and communities, while also unlearning dominant narratives and practices that historically are used to silence our distinct histories. We will do this through discussing the connection between our bodies, our traumas, and our emotions; sharing and honoring our histories, and discuss how we can build community together through understanding interconnectedness. Survivors of sexual assault (and all traumas) can learn to identify those aspects of their identities that have survived and proven resilient in the face of identity oppression, and take that to further heal our own selves and our communities.


Neftali Pereda

Area of Focus

Advocacy and Intervention for Survivors