This workshop would focus on racial and gender equity based on the Seven Fires Prophecies that were given to Indigenous peoples by our ancestors.  These prophecies foretold the migration of Indigenous people to the Americas.  They told of the coming of the light-skinned people at the coming of the Fourth Fire.  The Light-skinned people would come with two faces.  One would come in brotherhood with a handshake; the other would come with the face of death and destruction.  The people were told they would not no easily be able to tell the difference.  In the fifth fire, the light-skinned people take the land and resources. and institutionalize slavery. At the time of the sixth fire, people are put into residential boarding schools and forced to assimilate and give up their spirituality.  At the time of the seventh fire, new people emerge.  The traditional Lodges are recovered and people begin to seek a new way of life based on the Original Instructions that were given to the First Nations People about how we were to live in harmony with one another.  The teaching of the Original Instructions through the Walking in Balance with All Our Relations curriculum demonstrates the transformative power of living in harmony through the Seven Grandfather Teachings of Love, courage, humility compassion, wisdom, honesty, and truth. Lighting the eight fire is about racial and gender-based equity by making these transformative values and actions available to all races of people with the intent of becoming one nation operating through a structure of equity.


Strong Oak Lefebvre

Area of Focus