When I started in the field of sexual abuse intervention more than 25 years ago, there was little research and much debate about whether treatment for sexual offending persons could be effective. There is now vast and compelling research support for the efficacy of interventions with people that commit sexual abuse. When empirically derived principles are followed, interventions can effectively assist these persons in desisting from further abusive behavior and creating socially acceptable and personally fulfilling lives. Yet, there remains MUCH more work to be done to eradicate the public health problem of sexual abuse.

The purpose of this talk is to cultivate optimism about the efficacy of interventions with those that perpetrate, and motivate a recasting of the prevention continuum. Acknowledging our successes and our expertise can motivate improved collaboration toward our shared goal of ending sexual abuse.


Deirdre D’Orazio

Area of Focus

Working with Individuals Who Cause Sexual Harm