During COVID-19 many incarcerated survivors were struggling to receive any form of emotional support services. Many of them begin to initiate their own support services and developed their own form of support groups. Survivors in confinement are now reaching out to Rape Crisis Centers and other outside support services to receive further emotional support with their own self-led programs. Many incarcerated survivors either already have a program in place at their correctional facility and are in need of support from their community or are in the process of establishing a new survivor led-program and are in need of resources and trainings to continue their support to other incarcerated survivors. Their motivation to continue their support and education to others have led to our RCC PREA program to expand our services and provide more trauma-informed care support to many survivors. 


Yesenia Quevedo,  Partners Against Violence

Stacy Phillips, Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)

Area of Focus

Detention – Advocacy in Lockdown