This workshop will provide a comprehensive understanding of equity and its significance for communities of color. Exploring various domains, such as health, housing, education, and employment, will enable participants to understand how inequities manifest and contribute to disparities in health and poverty rates among communities of color. In addition, the workshop will explore linkages between inequities and the incidence of sexual violence. Furthermore, the workshop will explore the role of oppression, including the historical legacies of slavery and colonization, as well as current discriminatory practices, in perpetuating these inequities.

Programs and initiatives that have addressed inequities will be showcased. Moreover, the workshop will highlight protective factors that can help mitigate the effects of inequity while striving towards creating a society that promotes the well-being and prosperity of all its members.


Linda Xochitl Tortolero, Norma Ferraro

Area of Focus

Culturally Specific Sexual Assault Centers (CSSAC)