Ponny White (she/her) is a West African, Liberian refugee, reproductive justice advocate and a storyteller. Her passion for social equity has allowed her the opportunity to work with notable organizations like Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, Girls for Gender Equity, The Century Foundation, School Readiness Consulting, Minnesota Young Women’s Initiative and others. Ponny’s reproductive advocacy efforts predominantly centers and uplifts the experiences of children and youth. Children and youth are demographics that disproportionately experience reproductive injustices and lack bodily autonomy in this world, yet are predominantly left out of reproductive advocacy conversations. Using her advocacy knowledge–her professional experience as an early childhood policy consultant, her personal experience as a survivor of CSA (child sexual abuse), and her love for storytelling–Ponny strives to create spaces that affirm the voices of young people, and challenges community and system leaders to radically value the expertise of children and young people in this work. Ponny is a big picture thinker whose activist praxis is love. She plans on spending the next 5 years solidifying herself as a multimedia storyteller who brings authentic advocacy stories to life.