Lotus Lain is a globally recognized influential public figure in the realms of consent, sex worker’s rights, self advocacy & now intimacy. As an Intimacy Coordinator she is well equipped in understanding DEI, Gender & Ethnic Diversity, Boundary Practices, Choreography as well as Kink & BDSM protocols.

Lotus is an activist for Sex Worker and Adult Performers’ Rights. She’s been able to expand that work as Industry Advocate for the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s trade association. Throughout her career she’s been a Dominatrix; a Published Writer, Guest Speaker and Producer.

Most recently, Lotus has been consulting on special projects involving the realities of the adult industry & sex work to help create change around the way sex workers stories are portrayed in mainstream Hollywood. She has worked with with Pornhub to influence structural change for Black & Brown People of Color on their platform, as well as with ACLU to influence nationwide decriminalization of sex work.