Nish Newton is a caretaker and changemaker. Beyond their lived experiences as a young, Black, queer, trans survivor of sexual and domestic violence, they also utilize their identities as a historian, sociologist, and creative artist to wage social change. They are a disciple of Radical Imagination, and they wholly believe that a future of liberation is possible.

Although Nish has an extensive background in movements for healing-centered restoration, they are also deeply rooted in resistance movements. Weaving together restoration and resistance practices, Nish yields a vibrant and unique energy that mobilizes people to make change within in their communities and within their own lives. This impact has led Nish to facilitate events with Sonya Renee Taylor, adrienne maree brown, Dr. Angela Davis, and other beacons of social transformation.

When they aren’t waging a new world, they are cooking with their beloved wife, creating art, and finding innovative ways to be a menace to oppression.