Tamika is a humanitarian, executive-level leader, and sexual violence advocate. She works domestically and in Development and Humanitarian settings. Her passion — coaching individuals and working with teams and organizations to co-create inclusive, intersectional programming and build safer, stronger organizations advancing gender and racial equity. She weaves professional experience with personal (and shared) experiences of being a queer, black woman (and other intersecting identities) navigating leadership roles to ensure representation. She delivered Michigan State’s 2021 Commencement Address and received the Distinguished Alumni Award for meritorious Service in 2022. She was the Executive Director of CCASA and the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, the Global Coordinator for the United Nations GBV AoR (Geneva), and the GBV West Africa Technical Advisor (Sierra Leone). Tamika is President of NYSCASA and Founder of Ending Payne Consulting Services.