TS Candii relocated to New York in her twenties, seeking a more supportive community for TGNC individuals. Hhousing and employment discrimination led her to spend three years in the NYC shelter system. She experienced anti-transgender and sex worker discrimination, and physical, verbal, and mental mistreatment. She joined the decriminalization movement for sex work, becoming a powerful voice and educator for the TGNC community. TS Candii’s leadership helped end Walking While Trans in 2021, a policing practice that targets trans women for soliciting prostitution. Aware of the dangerous intersection of race and gender with policing in America, she established the Black Trans Nation (BTN) non-profit. BTN advocates for the Black and POC Transgender community, promoting policies that Destigmatize, Decriminalize, and Decarcerate. TS Candii’s story, Becoming Candii, educates society about violent behavior towards trans individuals.