I am the current land manager for Ahimsa’s 25-acre healing retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains redwood forest. I was raised in southern California’s beautiful San Fernando Valley, but as beautiful as it was,I know first-hand what it was like to grow up in domestic violence and sexual abuse. I made a lot of bad choice in my life and was arrested for that. After spending over 30 years incarcerated in the California department of corrections I have come out with a new zest for life and helping others heal. Along with managing Ahimsa’s healing retreat I also facilitate our in-prison program Realize. Realize was the group that helped me heal from my trauma and helped me take accountability for the harm I have caused. Because of that it is my wish to help others find their healing and start living their true selves. My favorite quote is, “Sometimes the night wakes in the middle of me, and I can do nothing but become the moon,” by Nayirrah Waheed.