Founded by Presbyterian women in 1874, Donaldina Cameron House was a refuge and safe haven for Asian girls and women. This “Mission Home for Girls,” as it was called, intervened and supported these girls and women who were in vulnerable and oppressive situations. Forbidden from legally entering the United States by the Chinese Exclusion Act, these girls and women were trafficked into the country and sold as commodities in what came to be known as the “Yellow Slave Trade”.  Today, Cameron House is a community-based organization that empowers the San Francisco Chinese community to build strength and resilience through family-centered programs.  This walking tour will highlight stories of creating safety for San Francisco Asian communities from the 19th century to today’s collaboration of Asian Women’s Shelter and Cameron House.  (NOTE: This walking tour is about 3/4 mile each way. Some parts of the tour will include areas that are not wheelchair accessible) Meet in the hotel lobby at 5:30pm.