Patricia Emmanueli has10 years of experience advocating for Domestic and Sexual Violence survivors. Patricia has been committed to providing empowerment-based services to those affected by gender-based violence. She previously served as the Advocate Coordinator of The Rape Recovery Team at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville (WCJ), F.L. During her time there she accompanied survivors during their forensic exams and assisted survivors navigate the criminal justice system, and work through their self-identified needs. She also focused her advocacy work in Jacksonville to ensure folks in the latine community had access to confidential services. She attended multiple outreach events and local task force meetings, provided assistance to other organizations on best practices for working with the latine community and facilitated a Spanish speaking support group in Jacksonville for DV and SV survivors.

She implemented DE&I work at The WCJ and then Co-chaired the committee for 18 months. She recently earned a certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace from The University of South Florida. Prior to moving to Florida, she worked at Hogar Nueva Mujer in Puerto Rico as a Transitional Housing Case Manager and a Community Advocate. There she provided services to the Rural Counties of the east coast and central towns of the island. She assisted with bridging the gap of housing needs of those experiencing gender-based violence and facilitated elder abuse prevention workshops at assisted living facilities.