Jennica Sinor Photo

Jennica Sinor (she/her) has been part of the anti-violence community since 2013. Like many activists she found community in grassroots spaces, joining local efforts to organize marches, rallies, and actions in the Sacramento area. During this transformative time, Jennica took a job at a thrift store benefiiting the local rape crisis and domestic violence center and began volunteering for the organization’s 24/7 hotline. This kicked off her advocacy career in direct service, which ultimately led to years coordinating community-based anti-violence programs, focusing on support groups and advocacy efforts with incarcerated survivors. Jennica joins ValorUS as a Project Coordinator with the Advancing PREA project, where she looks forward to building community and supporting rape crisis centers in their provision of services for individuals who are incarcerated. In her spare time, Jennica enjoys being in nature, spending time with her loved ones and making bad art.