At the intersections of race and gender, this session focuses on Black trans communities (and not just as proverbial concepts—as real, vibrant communities that continue to shape our culture and principles of equity). It is no secret that violence, oppression, and injustice have made it so Black trans communities are acutely indexed to devastation, doom, and death. However, it has not always been this way, and it does not need to be this way anymore.

As we labor toward a world of equity, it is imperative that we utilize old ways—and innovate new ways—for Black trans people to reclaim “aliveness”.

This session is about the protection, support, and thriving of people who are immeasurably minoritized by inequity, abuse, and other forces of harm. Together, we will develop and advance our accountability to harm reduction and harm prevention specific to Black trans liberation. Between utilizing examples from our history and uplifting real-time opportunities, or interacting with each other in critical conversations and leaning into self-reflection activities, we will amplify our role(s) in the movements for racial and gender equity. This session is not a naive utopian dream nor a space for hollow performativism; it is a praxis of Radical Imagination and an intentional space for personalized goal-setting. 

All participants are welcome—regardless of their identities, scope of work, or prerequisite knowledge—as long as they are invested in a future where Black trans people thrive.


Nish Newton

Area of Focus