In 2022, advocates rejoiced as federal legislative efforts to end pre-dispute forced arbitration in workplace sexual assault and sexual harassment cases came to fruition. But we always knew that progress couldn’t end there. An estimated 56% of private-sector non-union U.S. employees are subject to mandatory pre-dispute arbitration by their employers, meaning more than half of U.S. employees are silenced when they experience discrimination, other forms of harassment, and retaliation in the workplace. We know that silence proliferates inequities and creates a breeding ground for harm to occur. Join us in this session as we discover the roles we all play in advancing equity in employment, from big legislative actions to advocating with businesses and organizations to educating survivors as well as all those impacted by forced arbitration about their rights.


Tracey Breeden, Michelle Pelton, Monika Johnson-Hostler, Terri Poore

Area of Focus