When eye rolls are ok in the workplace, it makes snide remarks more ok. And when such disrespectful behavior isn’t addressed in the workplace, harassment can escalate to more serious forms of abuse. In 2017, Right To Be (formerly Hollaback!) adapted the bystander intervention training that we had long used to address street harassment into a curriculum to address instances of workplace disrespect and harassment. The curriculum has now been used to train over !00k+ people in over 300 companies globally, including McKinsey, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Pinterest, and more. A recent external study showed that 98% of employees leave our training committed to intervene next time they witness disrespect or harassment at work, and 76% of employees intervene the next time they see harassment. In this session we’ll review what we’re teaching, why it’s working, and what this means for the larger field working to address workplace violence and harassment.


Susanna Borgelt

Area of Focus