Young people have been at the forefront of each social movement and revolution. The Idaho Coalition has invested in a strategy that cultivates intergenerational partnerships that center the experiences of youth from historically marginalized communities (Black/brown/Indigenous, Youth with Disabilities, Queer & Trans youth, and Youth who are immigrants and have been resettled through the refugee process) in their strategy to end gender violence, specifically teen dating violence. The intergenerational partnerships are integrated into the Idaho Coalition’s primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategy based on the wisdom of our movement elders, Indigenous knowledge (shared with us), and futurism. 
The Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence has received the OVW Rural Technical Assistance grant from the Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women to develop materials for youth who have experienced teen dating violence like sexual assault, rape, abusive relationships, and develop a campaign for February’s National Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month; and provide technical assistance in the prevention and response to Teen Dating Violence for OVW Rural grantees.


D Dagondon Tiegs, Jessica Moreno, Layla Bagwell

Area of Focus