Healing from intimate harm requires connection. Restorative justice offers that connection via unique pathways for addressing the needs expressed by those impacted by sexual harm. It offers opportunities for those who have sexually harmed others to fully own and accept responsibility for their acts while offering creative accountability measures. Restorative justice offers safe and sacred processes that are created by facilitators who are trained in active listening skills and restorative justice.  This 90 minute interactive workshop will explore the roots and fundamentals of restorative justice and vicarious restorative justice for cases of sexual harm. Participants will learn about the evidence for restorative justice, including research on outcomes for people who participate in such processes.  Participants will also  learn about active listening skills, how to ask appropriate questions, the importance of non-verbal communication, and barriers to effective communication. We will discuss a process for taking participants through both a restorative and vicarious restorative justice process. 


Alissa Ackerman, Alexa Sardina, LoDonna Long

Area of Focus

Alternative Justice