Being in the deep red state of Tennessee, while working at a Sexual Assault Center, when Roe v Wade was overturned and Tennessee’s trigger ban goes into effect, can be quite the daunting experience.  We understand that abortion is a very sensitive topic for many, rooted in deep beliefs and feelings that stem from personal experience to religious roots. Sexual Assault Center, a non-profit organization serving victim/survivors of sexual assault and educating communities across the state, is a bipartisan organization, as our work provides hope and healing to those impacted by sexual violence; our staff, clients, volunteers, and supporters have diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and we respect each of them equally.  Listen and learn from our experience as we navigated a grass roots campaign to take on abortion access in Tennessee, while trying to remain mission focused and bipartisan.


Jessica Barfield, Lorraine McGuire

Area of Focus

Advocacy and Intervention for Survivors