This interactive workshop aims to inspire curiosity in primary prevention ideologies and strategies. Participants are invited to imagine what is possible in their work, and to understand the roots that perpetuate violence. Attendees will engage in a journey to identify and address the upstream conditions that enable violence for youth, Black and African American women and girls, and neurodivergent and Disabled people and people with disabilities.  

Advocates and preventionists can often feel powerless to change oppressive systems. In order to change the status quo we have to see our roles in the maintenance of it.  This session will allow participants to look at how power is operating in their work and support them in identifying ways in which they can impact the power dynamics that they identify as barriers.  Participants will leave this session with a set of tools to analyze power and to reconsider upstream primary prevention strategies.


Cierra Olivia Thomas Williams, Stephanie Solomon, Timike Jones

Area of Focus