This session will discuss the lack of leadership of color in anti-violence agencies. This session will look to some of the reasons this discrepancy exists, such as inconsistent hiring practices, lack of recognition of bias and racism, and into how we shift the culture of the ‘norm.’ Once staff are hired, how are we providing the appropriate training, support, guidance and emotional safety for management to feel empowered? Most agencies have onboarding practices for everyone on staff, but this session will challenge that BIPOC managers require a different type of onboarding and a different type of support. I will take my own experiences and lessons learned to help guide the session and talk about action steps taken by my organization. One example of an action step is that I have been able to connect with a local agency that has non-profit memberships in order to grow the roundtable with other managers of color outside of my own agency to form a supportive, educational and mentoring circle that is not often provided to marginalized staff.


Brandy Williams

Area of Focus

Leadership – Embracing Movement Leaders