The role of supervisor has changed since 2020 and is continuing to evolve from providing constructive criticism to providing strategic support. Supervisors who oversee advocates and prevention staff are not immune, in fact, due to the high levels of emotional stress in violence prevention work it can be difficult to seek support. This workshop will address the current state of burnout among advocates and prevention staff and the effects supervisors can have on their mental health.  Transitioning to action, participants will learn how to apply equity and inclusion practices into staff development plans. Recently there have been many attempts in the workplace to center Black, Indigenous, and people of color in workplaces however barriers still remain.  Participants will engage in activities to discuss how to break down barriers for BIOPIC staff and how to connect them to the larger BIPOC community. The workshop will close with an interactive activity creating best practices for your team or future team to prioritize wellness and care practices into professional development plans to minimize harm and burnout. The leadership shift is not an easy one and this workshop will support leaders as they work to minimize harm, avoid burnout and increase wellness and care in the workplace.


Val Tovar

Area of Focus

Leadership – Embracing Movement Leaders