Val Tovar (she/her) brings a lens of intersectionality, trauma informed care practices, and self-care to her work. She is a proud Chicana/Latina and 1st Gen college graduate originally from the Los Angeles area. She holds BA Psychology and MA in Forensic Psychology. Val brings a decade of experience working in prevention, advocacy and wellness specifically for college students.

While living in DC, she worked for American University and Georgetown University where she incorporated wellness and health practices into prevention work for students and staff, centering BIPOC students. Currently, Val leads two incredible teams, the Violence Prevention & Advocacy (VPA) and Health and Wellness Resource Center (HaWRC), who serve students at the University of Washington, Bothell and Cascadia College. When Val is not working, you can find her taking a nap, snuggling with her two cats, Nox and Cleo, or playing Mario Kart with her partner.