Given the presenter’s personal experiences in the leadership roles of API culturally specific organization and the work in gender-based violence movement from the international experiences and human rights-based approach, personal and professional perspective on what is causing the divided and struggle among us as Communities of Color, how does anti-blackness; anti- Asian; show up. Through stories, case studies and narratives, participants will engage with presenter and one another to unpack how racism and oppression showed up in the movement globally, nationally, and locally at the individual level, within communities of color and societal at large.  Colonialism, Eurocentric and White Supremacy Cultures and its characteristics (dominant paradigm) will be highlighted through the narratives of the presenter identified as “CIS woman, Thai Immigrant who lives in the US.” And how to liberate ourselves to lead from the different positions.


Natchawi Wadman

Area of Focus

Leadership – Embracing Movement Leaders