When addressing the collateral consequences of incarceration, the traumatic impact of the experience of incarceration, and the effect that it has on successful reconnection with family, and the community upon release, receives very little attention. This session will explore the prevalence of pre-incarceration trauma; individual and institutional trauma that is experienced while incarcerated; incarceration as trauma; and the impact that these experiences have on currently and formerly incarcerated people. Themes of isolation, disconnection, institutional betrayal, and healing will be explored through the presenter’s art and storytelling. Further, this session will address the implications that the trauma of incarceration has on therapeutic dynamics, the relationships that incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people have with service providers, and the impact that it has on how formerly incarcerated people are able to move through the world. Participants in this session can expect active discussion and session activities addressing trauma, healing, and worldview.


 Marslea Rojas, Jennica Sinor

Area of Focus

Detention – Advocacy in Lockdown