This session centers evaluation as a strategy to identify and create protective organizational environments for people with disabilities. Conference participants will meet a panel of practitioners from cross sector organizations who are using evaluation to: create or improve accessible services and environments; locate opportunities and policies that contribute to and improve the prevention of violence against people with disabilities; identify and implement trauma-informed approaches that work for people with disabilities. The panelists include people with disabilities and allies from a disability serving and advocacy organization, a rape crisis center, a community network, and two sister coalitions who will share their experience using an evaluation to shape organizational and programmatic change. Participants will have the opportunity to identify their own organizational barriers to services for people with disabilities and barriers to inclusive primary prevention practice with people with disabilities. Additionally, participants will be invited to take the evaluation tool to their organizations to use and to receive training and technical assistance from Indiana Disability Justice.


Cierra Olivia Thomas Williams, Hannah Lenchek, Li Meuser, Tammy Themel

Area of Focus

Disability Advocacy and Inclusion