me too. International is focused on both healing and action. The powerful actions we seek to take as leaders and organizers are unsustainable when we are not each interrogating our own well-being as this is what undergirds our individual and collective potential. Healing is integral to the work of survivor justice and integral to leadership; healing is its own form of action.  

This 90-minute introspective workshop invites organizational leaders supporting survivors to reflect on their own well-being and healing journey as they work to create a healthier, safer, and more just world for survivors. Participants will be asked to reflect, process, and plan in a supportive community of organizational leaders. In addition, participants will explore various tools from Survivor’s Sanctuary for maintaining their well-being and practice how to co-create brave spaces for healing exploration within your organization. 


Nikita Mitchell, Chief Strategy Officer, me too, Int.

Shesheena Bray, Program Director, me too, Int.

Area of Focus

Advocacy and Intervention for Survivors