When we think of our partners in advancing equity and ending sexual violence, we don’t often think of corporations, technology, or big household names, but we should. Changemakers exist in every industry, sector, organization, corporation, and community. So what happens when we partner with changemakers and those with incredible influence, but who may not come […]
This session gives example to organizing power actors within a specific industry for the purpose of changing conditions within that industry for the broader workforce, particularly for those most directly impacted by the misuse and abuse of power. Speaker Lilian Rivera Area of Focus RALIANCE
Our culture has an ingrained habit of all-or-nothing responses to when harm happens, often focusing on punishment and removal of the person who caused harm from the community, or ignoring the behavior as well as ignoring survivors’ diverse needs. The time is long overdue to examine how to address what accountability for harm means, what […]
The Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence, alongside the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, sought to build individual and community resilience to prevent sexual violence through the development of the Lupine Story Project,  a model program to re-imagine a future free of violence for girls who are incarcerated through the juvenile criminal system. This […]