The anti-human trafficking movement has come a long way since the initial enactment of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in 2000. Initially, local community-based organizations providing intimate partner abuse and sexual violence programming extended limited services to survivors of human trafficking in an effort to bridge crisis intervention, advocacy, case management, and housing service gaps. Over the past 20 years, service providers have developed case management and advocacy models aimed at ensuring survivors have access to the breadth and depth of services required to transition from crisis through stabilization so they can attain and sustain safety and stability.  This workshop will showcase Inicios (beginnings) a model for anti-human trafficking case management and advocacy services that centers on survivor rights and autonomy. This model can be applied to case management and advocacy services for survivors of gender-based violence. 


Kim Gutierrez, Sharan Dhanoa

Area of Focus

Advocacy and Intervention for Survivors