When WeGovern together in community, we build the foundation for a world where thriving is possible for all beings. At its essence, governance is the means by which we collectively and systemically care for people and place. In 2020, Resonance Network practitioners published the WeGovern Principles, a bold re-imagining and claiming of governance, inspired by a rich history of Indigenous practices rooted in care for land, natural resources, community, and collective well-being. This workshop will be led by WeGovern Learning Community partners, who over a period of 12 months made living into these values a daily practice. Participants will hear directly from partners about their experience in the Learning Community, lessons learned from the experiment, and all that has transformed in their lives, relationships, work places, and communities because of their commitment to building a world beyond violence.


Emily R O’Hara, Adriana Contreras, Aparna Shah

Area of Focus

Resonance Network