This session will be presented in Spanish. English translation will be made available.

One of the realities we have identified throughout, specifically Latino faith communities, is the lack of sexual and domestic violence prevention management. Although faith communities work for the spiritual and social well-being of families, they can sometimes focus solely on the faith-related aspects they teach while being disconnected from the fact that in the homes of their parishioners, domestic violence is the daily bread, and they need help. We believe that prevention has the power to impact the way of thinking of the whole family. Therefore, it is required that faith communities, as an essential axis of the community, provide through prevention the necessary tools to combat domestic violence. MFV and I4J are currently working on training a network of religious leaders to know how to integrate the issue of violence prevention into their teachings so that all families in their congregation benefit. Part of our desire is for faith communities to integrate a violence prevention curriculum as part of the faith they express so that spiritual faith is not disconnected from physical reality.


Rev. Benjamin Ortega

Area of Focus

Influencers 4 Justice