This session will be presented in Spanish. English translation will be made available.

This session will focus on the stories and best practices of the MCTF in fighting workplace injustice and sexual violence in the non-unionized janitorial industry. There are approximately 200,000 non-unionized janitors across the state of California. The prevalence of wage theft and sexual violence motivated the MCTF – a watchdog organization in the janitorial industry – to spearhead change in the industry across the state. Through various programs: an Industrial Promotoras Program, a Self Defense Program, a Know Your Rights Worker Academy, and Aliados Program (Male counterpart to the Promotora Program), the MCTF has explored how trauma informs how a worker responds to labor violations.


Denise Velasco, Maria Nieto, Georgina Hernandez, Yolanda Meneses

Area of Focus

Empowered Workers