Sexual and related forms of violence (SRV; e.g., dating violence, sex trafficking) among youth are public health crises in the U.S. Despite a growing evidence-based of risk and protective factors for SRV, there remains few evaluated programs that demonstrate sustainable reductions in SRV among youth. One way to enhance the effectiveness of SRV prevention programs for youth is to utilize community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) that engages researchers, practitioners, educators, and youth as equal partners in developing, implementing, and evaluating comprehensive, multi-level SRV prevention initiatives for youth across contexts (e.g., school, community, online). The purpose of this workshop is to share findings as well as challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned from CBPAR on SRV prevention among diverse populations (e.g., youth of color, LGBTQ+ youth) and diverse prevention spaces (e.g., schools, community, online). We will highlight the importance of prevention that is comprehensive, engages multiple stakeholders, empowers youth as co-leaders, and uses a health equity lens and anti-oppressive frameworks. In addition to sharing of findings from CBPAR projects on SRV prevention and reflections from presenters-including researchers, practitioners, educators, and youth-there will be amble time for Q&A so that the workshop is most useful to attendees. Opportunities for skill-building and networking will also be provided.


Katie Edwards, Nia Clark, Stephanie Olson, Robin Koshelev, Linda Shroll, Ramona Herrington

Area of Focus