Restorative justice for cases of sexual harm is a burgeoning field, with interest among survivors continuing to grow. There are a limited number of qualified facilitators to take such cases. To this end, in 2023, staff from several rape crisis centers from across California participated in a comprehensive training program that prepared them to facilitate these types of cases. We are currently engaged in a year long pilot program that evaluates the outcomes of facilitated cases and engages trainees in a community of practice.  In this session, the two trainers, Dr. Alissa Ackerman and Dr. Alexa Sardina, are joined by trainees in discussion. Here, we will talk through why rape crisis centers about why they wanted to participate in this training and how it fits within their mission. We will discuss what is working, what questions remain, and how the current pilot program and community of practice are unfolding. The dialogue will include questions and comments from audience members who may be considering how to implement restorative justice within their organizations.


Alissa Ackerman, Alexa Sardina, Natchawi Wadman, Luis Menzoza, Sandra Henriquez

Area of Focus

Alternative Justice